Sunday, May 11, 2008


My name is **********. I am an adoptee. I along with thousands of adoptees, natural parents, and adoptive parents will be attending the National Conference of State Legislators in New Orleans. We are demanding equal treatment under the law. We will no longer tolerate being ignored. It is our original birth certificate. It records OUR births; therefore, we should have the same unfettered access as the non-adopted.

Here is some points for you to remember:

*90% at least of natural mothers want contact.
*In states that have adoptee access, abortions have decreased; adoptions have increased.
*Sealing the OBC discriminates against adoptees by violating our fourth amendment rights and our right to privacy. The state is holding our OBC's in seizure on the presumption of harm. The state is violating my right to privacy by being in the business of reunion and relationships.

Adoptees are needing their OBC's to prove their American citizenship these days. Many are unable to get into the military or even to get their social security cards. Its time to make adoptees equal. We are all looking forward to educating you on this issue. See you at the National Conference of State Legislators.

An Angrate from Indiana.

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