Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I write three blogs. On my big one, Adoption and Its Triad, I had a commenter. I don't know if he has done it or not. I asked him to join the Adoptee Rights Protest, Coleman Moms and Babes and Indiana Open.

He said that he went to the Coleman Agency and requested his records. He said that he was removed from the office by security. I have to laugh at that one. I think its great. I wish I could have been sent out of the office. Sadly I live in Texas. He has the same complaints as I do with Coleman. They were no help at all with his search.

I hate to tell him this but its true. The agency has lied on so many levels to all of its adoptees. They are not held accountable to us, the adoptee. They are not held accountable to the natural parents, our parents. Lord knows there is enough doubt by our adoptive parents. My own mother doubts the adoption of me. She wonders if it is even legal. She got no paperwork for me.

I think its wrong. Plain wrong. With the new Voter ID law, I pray that he and other Coleman babes never lose their driver's license or their other forms of identification. They won't be able to vote. They will not be able to prove their birth. Indiana has the OBC's under lock and key.

As time moves forward, we are losing more and more rights. My natural mother's so called right to privacy doesn't out weigh my civil rights under the constitution. In fact she relinquished her rights. My natural father had no say in the adoption of me. Something has got to give. It ain't gonna be me or anyother adoptee. We will have our rights.

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