Friday, June 17, 2011

Never Ending

I am always amazed at how adoption consistently stays the same. Nothing ever seems to change or grow when it comes to anything adoption. We get the enlightened ones but they, just like me, have become really disenchanted with adoption in this sense. Adoption is always about the industry itself. It is never about those living adoption. In doing so, it creates a codependent environment. If you don't know what kind of environment that is, just Google alcoholics and their familial relationships. You will see what exactly that I am talking about.

When those who speak about adoption have it in their lives, we should pay attention to it. We should not dismiss their feelings in regard to it. Some have good experiences with it while others do not. It is not our moral responsibility to judge anyone in regards to adoption.

When you see stories of those being called to adopt, it is not God's doing. It is the adoption industry itself. They want to make more money. If they were about the children and his/her parents, then they would not be opposed to adoptee access, natural parent access, or adoptive parent access. They want you to feel happy about adoption so that they can come in and take your child if you are an adoptee or a mother. They want you to feel happy about adoption if you are an adoptive parent so that they can sell you another child. Adoption is about money. How you feel about it is how you are controlled. That is why you are part of the vicious cycle of codependency in adoption.

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