Wednesday, November 12, 2008


For many in the adoption underground, we do not call this month National Adoption Awareness month. We call it National Adoption Bewareness month. All the goofy free news article advertising comes out. I agree that we need to target foster care children. We all know that this is not targeting those kids. It is targeting the domestic infant and international adoption portions of the adoption industry.

Even Planned Parenthood has joined the act. My question to them is how do they do their "open adoptions." Do they follow through and fully prepare the mothers? Do they support full and unfettered adoptee access? Time will tell as they are known to be against adoptee access.

Here is the article in the Terre Haute newspaper:

Planned Parenthood of Indiana wants to ensure its patients and supporters understand the organization’s dedication to promoting freedom of choice across the board — including the freedom to choose adoption.

PPIN is marking National Adoption Awareness Month this November by highlighting the free, on-site adoption services offered at three of its health centers. Women at the centers in Bloomington, Indianapolis and Merrillville can meet with adoption counselors to discuss the option and what is involved. These services have led to two successful placements with Indiana families. “The key goal of our organization has always been to offer women every reproductive choice available. By facilitating adoption services, we are affirming our dedication to that goal,” said Planned Parenthood of Indiana President and CEO Betty Cockrum. The adoption services are provided by individual adoption agencies, chosen to best suit the needs of patients in their areas of the state. In Bloomington and Indianapolis, services are provided by Independent Adoption Center. Merrillville services are provided by Adoption Center for Family Building Inc.

“We want people to know it’s a viable option and there are many choices … that adoption is not typically secretive and closed,” said Adoption Center for Family Building founder Tobi Ehrenpreis. “There are opportunities for openness if that’s what the birth mother wants. She can make decisions such as choosing the family and determining how much contact she would like to have with that family.” “Having the option of adoption at our centers allows women to be more empowered in the decisions they must make when facing an unintended pregnancy,” Cockrum said. “A woman who chooses adoption will be responsible for providing a lifetime of happiness to a family.”

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