Sunday, January 20, 2008


I promise you this. You will be laughing at the end of this post especially if you are a snarky bastard such as myself.

First thing is this. Indiana is introducing a new bill. It makes it a Class D felony to alter or mutilate a birth certificate. Seriously folks what does Indiana do when they change our birth certificates. Is not the same thing? They are changing the original birth certificate to a new one which has the adoptive parents name on it. Will they hold themselves accountable for altering the original birth certificates of adoptees? I was not born to my adoptive mother. Why can't we have an adoption certificate? Something that includes the natural parents, their name that they gave their child. The adoptive name of the child and then the adoptive parents names. It then gives all the information of the birth situation. Why are we hiding? If the laws currently support the thought that adoption causes harm, why are we continuing the practice of it.

The bill is HB 1113. Representative Dembowski presented it. Representative Noe is the coauthor of this bill. It states this:

Birth certificate fraud. Increases from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class D felony the penalty for: (1) making a false or fraudulent statement when applying for a birth certificate or when applying for permission to inspect birth records; (2) altering, counterfeiting, or mutilating a certified copy of a birth certificate; or (3) using an altered, counterfeit, or mutilated copy of a birth certificate

On to the next odd bill, this concerns the adoption of abandoned embryos, HB 1075.

It states:

Abandoned embryo adoption. Allows an abandoned embryo to be adopted for implantation by another individual under specified circumstances. States that a person who knowingly or intentionally destroys or discards an abandoned human embryo commits unlawful destruction of an embryo, a Class A misdemeanor.

Then there is this bill. This one basically bans the discrimination on the basis of ancestry. That is what they are doing to us. This one has been going through the legislation for a second year in a row. So time will tell on this one. I thought it passed last year.

Here is HB 1358. It reads:

Civil rights. Extends antidiscrimination and civil rights statutes to include prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, and ancestry.

This one is in the Senate. It is even more interesting. It is the SB 0217. It makes human and sex trafficking illegal in the state of Indiana. Isn't that what adoption is today? It seems like it to me. They violated the natural parents rights and adoptee rights on a daily basis.

It reads:

Human and sexual trafficking. Allows a court to order the: (1) dissolution or reorganization of; or (2) suspension, revocation, or forfeiture of a license, permit, charter, or prior approval granted by an agency of the state to; a corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership, or an unincorporated association if an agent of the corporation, company, partnership, or association commits a human or sexual trafficking offense while acting within the scope of the agent's authority. Provides that it is a defense that a person who engaged in criminal conduct did so because the person was a victim of a human or sexual trafficking offense. Makes it promotion of human trafficking, a Class B felony, for a person to recruit, harbor, or transport another person by force, threat of force, or fraud to force the other person into appearing in a state of nudity or engaging in or participating in an obscene performance or a performance that is harmful to minors. Makes it human trafficking, a Class C felony, for a person to pay, offer to pay, or agree to pay money or other property to another person for an individual whom the person knows has been forced into appearing in a state of nudity or engaging in or participating in an obscene performance or a performance that is harmful to minors. Makes it promoting prostitution, a Class C felony, for a person to sell or offer to sell travel services that include or facilitate travel for the purpose of patronizing a prostitute in Indiana or another jurisdiction. Requires an international matchmaking organization to provide a copy of a client's criminal history information and marital history declaration and certain other information to a recruit of the organization in the recruit's native language and English.

Just some bills in the state of Indiana to keep an eye on.

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