Thursday, December 20, 2007


P R E S S R E L E A S E (from 2006)
Eight Annual Christmas Eve Candle Lighting
As the world lights candles in preparation to celebrate the birth of achild who changed the course of history on Christmas Eve, New EnglandFirst Mothers (NEFM), the Canadian Council of Natural Mothers (CCNM) and over 800 members of the Sunflower Birth Mothers (SBM) willcelebrate Christmas Eve by lighting a candle in memory of births whichchanged their own personal histories. This year will mark the 8thAnnual Christmas Eve Candle Lighting for these women.
These three groups are of natural mothers from around the world, whohave surrendered or lost a child to adoption and are now linked throughcyber space, as well as through personal hardship. These womencommunicate through e-mail with each other, helping each other withthis journey that has no road maps or directions. The Sunflower groupis divided into two separate lists; searching and reunited. Theirstatus is determined by the status of their relationship with the childwho was placed for adoption. These women offer one another emotionalsupport as they endure the struggles associated with living as anatural mother B the forgotten member of the Adoption Triad.
On Christmas Eve this year, each of these women will light a candle at6:00 PM and burn it until midnight, thus having candles lit around theworld on Christmas Eve Night. The candle will remember the members whoare searching for their child and light the way for the possiblereunion. For those who are reunited, it will burn to strengthen the tiethat was forged between the biological members of the Triad. And, forthose who have been rejected by the fruit of their womb, it will offerhope for a change of heart and a better future.
The NEFM, SMB and CCNMs ask that all members of the community rememberthose who are living a life with a part of them missing and offer abrief prayer for first mothers everywhere who endure the pain of adifficult decision. It is their hope that in this season of goodwilltoward all that they may share in the joy of the season. Please jointhese exceptional women in lighting up the world on Christmas Eve.


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

Amy is this happening again this year?

Anonymous said...

It was sent to me by a Coleman mother. She is a member of these groups. So I am assuming that it is a go.