Monday, June 24, 2013

Still Here and Kicking A$$

I did not realize that it had been two years since I had last written anything on my Coleman Moms and Babes blog.  Life is so different now.  I would never imagine three years later that I would be getting married, buying a new home, or even going back to college.  Yet here I am. 

I did the DNA testing with Family Tree DNA and now with 23 and Me.  Even though I am very interested in genetics, I can not understand for the life me what the information means.  So as time moves forward and when time allows me, I will get down to the business of searching once again.  I am of the Eve line of V.  I found a few new friends to help me understand much of information concerning that.  At times, it feels like I am spying on my first mother. 

I got another call from a fellow Coleman adoptee.  Sadly she had the same experience as I did with the agency search individual.  I now give sympathy compassion and support for all of us who have been screwed over by this individual.  Its been seven years since I started this journey.  So much of my life has changed.  I am grateful for those changes.  The list of complaints against this woman are growing.  My blog posts reach those new adoptees almost daily.

Well off to take my 23 and Me test kit and mail it.  Stay tune to the new changes that are life.

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