Saturday, March 12, 2011

Indiana Adoptee Rights News

Adoptee rights in Indiana has hit an impasse again this year. Although I am not actively involved in the movement right now due to my own personal life, I still pay attention to adoptee rights in any shape or form. Will I see adoptee rights change in Indiana soon or in my lifetime? I don't think so because the state is so religiously based. They freak out over any potential increase in abortions.

Adult adoptees point blank deserve equal access to their original birth certificates. I have noticed in the news that adoptees in several states are facing many new bills being presented.

New York has been pushing a bill called the Adoptee Bill of Rights. Along with the Adoptee Rights Demonstration and Bastard Nation, I believe that adoptees deserve equal access to their original birth certificates. I understand the thinking behind this bill. We are still effectively giving birth parents a right that they do not have. Privacy does not exist any longer due to technological advances such as the internet. Everything is public knowledge. If a child is not adopted, then the birth parent does not have any privacy. The original birth certificate is still intact and available to the adoptee. The most basic thought that I have with this is that we all biologically know who our parents are because we have their genetics. So how we actually be kept away and private from each other? Biological parents in normal intact families do not have privacy from each other because they know who they are. When a birth parent relinquishes their rights, they have no further rights to their children placed for adoption. All rights are terminated. If they are given additional rights, this opens the door for parents to fight the termination of their rights.

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