Friday, August 20, 2010

India Courts Rule Against an Adoptee

When an adoptee or an adoptees group takes a step out, I like to give them some love to show that I appreciate their hard work. It is not easy to do so. It takes strength, courage, and conviction to be able to do so. When they do it in a public forum like a court room, I jump and hollar for them. If it is done in a foreign country, I am amazed and proud all in one breath.

In the news, this story came out. Dohle, a German adoptee with Indian descent, did such a courageous thing. He went to a high court and then went to an appeals court. He stood up for what he believed in. I wish I had the time, money and tenacity to do this very thing.

Although it did not turn out as he wanted, he still did a brave thing. Kudos for trying out there in India. Keep trying and never give up.

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