Monday, February 25, 2008


Nannie nannie boo boo. Stick your head in Doo Doo. I know an adoption search specialist who got bypassed. I know an adoptee who got her information. I know that St. Elizabeth Coleman didn't scam another adoptee. Poor Katrina Carlisle didn't spin another lie out for an adoptee. Poor Katrina didn't get another free $325.00 buckeroos. Katrina didn't ruin a reunion. This person actually has a chance. The best part is that its on the adoptee's terms. Not some former agency director's terms.

This individual found out that Katrina lied to them about what is in their records. I wonder does she have scripts for all the adoptees. All of our stories are amazingly similiar in some context. Does she tick off our mothers? Does she rehumiliate them again and again? Afterall she used to be the agency director of Coleman. I am sure she got real good at it when she was "convincing" these young women to relinquish.

For those Coleman mothers and adoptees still searching, guess what there is going to be an Adoptee Rights Protest on July 22, 2008 in New Orleans. You really ought to be there. If you can't, start writing the legislators up there. Be careful of Senator Meeks. He thinks our mothers need to be protected from us. He considers us bastards as the unwanted children. Time to educate.

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