Saturday, July 7, 2007


As you have realized upon contacting a CI in the state of Indiana, its expensive depending upon the agency that was used. I used Katrina Carlisle from St. Elizabeth Coleman. At the time, I thought that she was good. She may very well be. I don't think in my case that she followed through.

There are some things that you should know about Katrina:

  • She is an adoptive mother. Although many natural mothers would disagree, if any adoptive parent is going to contact my natural mother, I would rather it be my adoptive mother. She made contact with my brother-in-law's mother. A month later, she contacted my sister. My mother does understand about loss.
  • She is also the former director of the Coleman Adoption Agency
  • She has also written the Dummy's Guide to Adoption.

This is important information to have. After having done so much research into adoption, I have come to realize that the natural mothers don't want to be contacted by the very person who advocated the taking of their child, the director. I also wasn't told that I was in foster care for a few weeks. I was told that I could not have another CI look at my case file. I was also told that I could not have my natural father contacted. None of this is true. There are other confidential intermediaries that will contact both parents that you can get access to through the courts. Catholic Charities runs the agency now. They do have a separate agenda. After being told so many lies, I don't know if any of my information is true.

Confidential Intermediaries are a buyer beware in the state of Indiana. There is no regulation of them what so ever. If you use an agency CI, again there is a whole nother agenda that they do answer to. The court appointed CI still answers to the judge not to you. You will have to pay court costs plus the expenses of the CI.

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