Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blogger Has Gotten Funky

Its been a while since I have written on this blog.  Now that Blogger has obviously made some changes, I am learning to adjust to this new platform.  I liked being able to look at an enclosed board and typing in a blog post.  Now it is completely different. 

Much has changed for me.  I am in college studying to be a nurse eventually.  I am doing good so far.  I just have to give my health issues just as much energy as my schooling.  It requires that I do surgery.  That isn't fun dealing with skin grafts and wound vacs.  The Veteran Affairs Hospitals just do not like to give any kind of pain medication even if a person is in dire need. 

I am working part time as an invoicer for a couple of subcontractors.  That allows me to work from home.  I hope to get a position with the college as clerk for their bookstore.  That will supplement my income a bit to help with other financial situations.  I have come to realize too that I need to concentrate on my two active blogs, Coleman Moms and Babes and Amy's A Day in the Life.  I need to bring up active readership on both of them so maybe I can earn more money via blog ads.   It is not much money but it is enough to help me buy school supplies and textbooks.  

I have been told by my darling boyfriend that it is time for me to get back into the politics of adoptee rights and adoption reform.  I will also be posting my recent mitochondrial DNA testing results. 


Unknown said...

Hi, I stumbled across a blog you commented on called "The Improper Adoptee". I wanted to leave a comment but one can only leave a comment if you are on the team. If you are on the team, can you pass on this comment on the post about neglected adoptees that died? (And good luck on your own search.)-- As a former Childrens Protective Services Worker, I can tell you that child abuse or neglect depends on the psychcology of the caretaker and not on the child or the relationship between the child and the caretaker. The children in your post who died did not die becsuse they were adopted but because their community failed them in not discovering what was going on or failing to act on what was known. And as a mother who gave up a child for adoption as well as raised another woman's children and two more of my own, I can say I found it easy to treat them all the same, with love and care, as it was my nature. And finally, here in my state, if both adoptee and biologicsl parent desire contact, they can and we did. My daughter was raised in a loving family, grew up to be a taller version of myself and is a successful adult mother, wife and worker. One more thing. I see you calling your biological parents your "real" parents. Your "real" parents are the folks who raised you! Your biological parents are just that, bio-parents.

Coleman Moms and Babes said...

Sue Lou I apologize but I am not on her team. I will post the comment because that way she can see the comment herself. I politely disagree with you on the "real" parents. As an adoptee, I consider all of my parents real.

I agree with the rest of your post.